SOLANO’S can provide a large selection of millwork profiles and materials. Most commonly used products are carried in inventory, other items can be special ordered from our supplier.

Care and handling of millwork (moldings)

Unfinished woodwork is vulnerable! Apply finish as soon as possible following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Never expose unpainted millwork to direct sunlight!

Always protect unfinished millwork from moist conditions. Never store on the ground, on concrete, or where rain can blow onto the material.

All moldings should be stored horizontally, off the floor in a dry location.

It’s critical to protect millwork from direct sunlight prior to finishing to avoid rapid drying and bleaching. Even a few hours exposure may affect the material.

Moldings must be acclimated for 72 hours prior to installation. Moldings should be unbundled and allowed to acclimate to the environment in which they will be installed, with a controlled humidity level similar to the humidity expected upon occupancy of the room.

Light sanding is required prior to finishing unprimed moldings.