Roof coverings generally in use in Siskiyou County are either asphalt based shingles or steel sheeting. Shingles, produced by Owens Corning, come in several styles, colors and weights. Although the design wind speed in the county is 105 mph, certain locations may require a higher rated shingle to prevent wind damage, Owens Corning produces some 130 mph rated shingles.

Metal roofing is usually one of two types. Exposed fastener sheets are generally 24 or 36 inches wide and have a surface pattern of corrugations that allow for expansion and minimize surface distortion. These products are installed with screws that are placed through the sheet into the roof structural panel. The screws have a compressible washer that seals the fastener. The second type of metal roofing panel is a “standing seam” panel, usually 12 to 18 inches wide. These panels are formed with an interlocking standing seam. Fasteners for these products are installed in such a manner that one panel covers the fasteners for the adjacent panel. Standing seam panels tend to provide a somewhat more formal appearance to the building.

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